Good News: The Ego-Self Is Gone Now — MIRACLES EACH DAY

“I repeat, and will do so again and again, that the ego-self is gone from you. Whether you fully realize this or not matters not. This A Course of Love has accomplished. Now the choice is before you to do one of two things…to proceed toward love or fear. If you proceed with fear you […]

via Good News: The Ego-Self Is Gone Now — MIRACLES EACH DAY

Truth of time

Time is the upmust truth of all things and beings. Time cannot lie or hide. With time truth shows in character, emotions, messages, questions and creations. Even truth of our inner desires. 

There is never enough for those that waste it by denial or misunderstanding or truth. Denied truth is denied time. There are also those that try to stop time to hold on to moments ,a person ,or experience. This is death while alive. One must let go of the bricks of unresolved life to have the blessed chance to understand why. On the other hand holding on to time is like bathing in stagnant waters diseases come from that way if thinking. Just let it go and learn. I pray all to obtain this peace.